Challenge Ianeka

I often think I should be challenged to do things. I’m not a competitive person by nature, and in fact I get a bit pissed off with people who are. Plus I’m not the type to give in to the whole notion of challenging yourself to something daft, or life-changing. Too lazy for that nonsense. Climb a mountain? Fuck off.

Which is why, inspired by one of the greatest TV shows of all time – Futurama – I’m putting it out there. Challenge me to something I both can and will do. I thought long and hard about it, I thought about the things I could be bothered to do, the things I could drag myself out of bed to do and the things that I really should do to make myself a better person. Then I just settled on drinking as much coffee as possible, because Fry did it and I aim to be like him at some point in my life*.

Unless one of my literally less than 50 readers comes up with a better challenge, that is. In which case I’ll just pretend to do that one instead.

Did I say “pretend to do”? I mean definitely do. Obviously. You have the power. Use it wisely.

(Cue rush of zero comments…)

*I realise I both already am like him and that he is a cartoon character. The point stands.


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7 responses to “Challenge Ianeka

  1. Kat

    I think you should do one of the following;

    a) a parachute jump
    b) train for a half-marathon or marathon (I’m doing the Great North Run in September 🙂
    c) a bungee jump

    You can choose any of the above, or go one better, and do ’em all. Failing that, just sponsor me here:

  2. Did you read what I wrote or just see the amazing logo and ignore the rest?

    I want a challenge *I* would do.

    Think drinking/sitting/being fat and you’ll be on the right track.

  3. byronchenko

    Eat more fried bread than toast over the next year. Delicious and it’ll help you get better at being fat too.

  4. byronchenko

    Or, have a biscotti with every coffee, beat the ginger bastard.

  5. Anna

    Here’s a mission: find my black top. And stop wearing my Christmas jumper.

  6. smellmycheese

    See if you can simultaneously make a Pot Noodle, have a shit, and have a wank (over a picture of Jeremy Beadle, obv. The wanking, that is, not the shitting. Although you could try both, it’s your call).
    Good luck and God’s speed.

  7. Follow the Benrik diary thing. I always mean to but inevitably end up forgetting about it.

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