The return of enthusiasm

The landlord is here, showing potential new housemates around. If they’re this loud when they’re trying to act polite and friendly – as you should do to a potential landlord – how the shitty knob-face are they going to be when he’s not around? The kitchen’s in use, meaning I can’t be bothered going in there to microwave my pre-made pasta*. AND for some reason some knobber is in the shower at this time, meaning I can’t go in there and do a toilet. Basically, the house has gone wrong.

But who gives a shit, because Mass Effect 2 has arrived. It only took two weeks,  but the postman is officially my best friend again, all because he brought me this little package of discs, artwork and a tiny comic book.

See, this is why games will remain special to me til the day I die/my hands fall off due to explosive arthritis – I can still get genuinely, absolutely, completely and totally excited by them. I still fall for the hype, even though it’s my job to sniff through it and point out what the truth is. I still managed to get giddy on walking through my front door and seeing that I had a package which would allow me to be a space ranger cowboy man who can shoot bad aliens and fucking mine planets. I am 26-and-a-half.

And you know what? I couldn’t care less. It makes me very happy, and now it’s making me not want to write any more, as I’m off to play Mass Effect 2. Did I mention Mass Effect 2 has arrived? Did I? Well it did. So I’m going to play Mass Effect 2 now. Byeeee!

*Yes, I made a vat of it. You can add that to the list of Things You Learn to do As An Adult, which I briefly covered yesterday.



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2 responses to “The return of enthusiasm

  1. You did read everyone else’s #oneaday entries as and when their copies of Mass Effect arrived, didn’t you? I’m just asking, because I feel it’s important you should realise nobody’s expecting anything remotely coherent from you for at least the next week.

    For what it’s worth, I’m almost a decade older than you and still squealed in girlish glee at the arrival of Mass Effect. (In other words, I’m from the future and there’s still no sign of adulthood, so… Relax. Enjoy!)

    • I did read them, meaning I was worried I’d sound like a slightly out of date broken record. Still, it’s true: the words probably won’t come as much in the next week or two.

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