Petulant Manchild Syndrome

Do you ever get those days when the body is willing and able but the mind just decides “nah, can’t be bothered”? That’s exactly what today is. While the part of me that is actually in control has wanted to soldier on, get things done and generally be my usual polite, affable, outgoing, handsome, tall, sexy self, the part of me I don’t control – like my brain – has decided today it does not give a shit.

This hasn’t manifested itself in the way that I’m kicking old people or not apologising when someone else bumps into me – like all good British people should – in fact, I even moved out of my seat to let a woman with a pram take my space on the bus home. It’s just… there’s something missing from the brainpipe. I think I should take up smack to keep me occupied, or something. I’ve heard it does wonders if you want to lose weight.

On a completely unrelated note, did I mention I got Mass Effect 2 yesterday? I played a few hours and I’v..iogjogj  c


*sound of Xbox booting up and excited squeals of “Mass Effect! I’ve missed you so much today!”*


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