Hostility towards the opposition

Fury is an interesting concept, and one I’m more than familiar with. I’ve actually mellowed in recent years, which I refuse to believe is anything to do with Anna’s influence. It’s probably because of Pluto not being a planet anymore, or something. Anyway, I have been known to lose my temper for the most ridiculous of reasons, and many of these still do occur – and always have occurred – while playing videogames.

Now this would make it about the right time for someone to muscle in and complain that this is indicative of a much larger problem, that games are causing the downfall of society, destroying the innocence of youth and have caused at least ten million murders in the last year alone. I would like to nip this in the bud by saying: FUCK OF OR ILL STAB YOU INT HE BRANE LOL.

With that out of the way, let us continue. Game-rage is an odd thing: it can cause the most laid-back of people to become a foaming-mouthed wretch of the worst kind, cussing your family and threatening violence towards any and all inanimate objects within a local radius. FIFA, for example, has been seen with my own eyes to change normally well-mannered, quiet people into obscenity-spewing, furious beasts of raging anger. But this is with very good reason, and is something I will probably go into at some point in another post, as FIFA is the devil incarnate.

Anyway, it isn’t just related to games themselves. Gaming in general seems to be a hotbed of impotent, adolescent fury. Obviously it’s impossible to figure out why this is, as it’s not like there is a link, like a lot of gamers being 14-year-old American males who hate their parents and get bullied at school or anything. But the reaction gamers give to most anything is the kind of thing that makes you sorry the human race has ever existed.

Until, of course, this happens:

Then all is well again. I will do something about my personal game-rage at another time. For now, we should all bask in this thing and its lovely skin (and genuinely quite funny-ness).


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4 responses to “Hostility towards the opposition

  1. Samuel Roberts

    Why no more pictures of your face?

    • No Photoshop on this lappy, which is what I have with me in Manchester, which is where I am until Sunday. YEAH.

      • Anna

        If you make my laptop do Photoshop, I would be grateful – then I could belatedly put together that picture of me as a lion-tamer whipping a leaping hyacinth through a flaming hoop.

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