The first mention of Ian Chaddock in this blog

I’ve just completed a batch of freelance and other such worky things and realised that – for the first time in ages – I was listening to music while doing it. I am hoping that this means I am finally over my lifelong* inability to write more than a sentence when I have music playing, and it will mean I can once again remember what it’s like to listen to new music or pay attention to the recommendations of friends. It also means I’ll have an interesting answer to Ian Chaddock’s go-to question whenever he sees you, instead of just mumbling “umm… A Wilhelm Scream… still”.

I’m still getting sidetracked and finding it even harder than normal to think of the… what is it… WORDS! I want to use. But it’s a step in the right direction, especially as iTunes on this here lappy has barely ever been used. In fact, I’ve just realised I haven’t even downloaded Winamp for this thing. SILLY IAN.

Granted, it took longer to finish than it would had I been working in abject silence, but I’m finally listening more intently to the likes of Small Brown Bike and whatever other wank the Leeds idiots have been listening to (and telling me to listen to) for years. Hello, I am about five years too late, but still – I’m often late getting into things. This could be the beginning of something utterly wonderful, as well as being a handy excuse to write a short, pointless blog entry on a Saturday. SCORE. Still, at least it’s a bit of a change from the last two days where I’ve written eight billion words on two Arnie films.

But don’t worry, I’m going to do more of those. I aim for a novel’s worth of material for those badboys by the time this oneaday thing is up.

*Apart from a particularly fertile time for words a few years ago, when music and working was MENTAL-A-GO-GO.


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2 responses to “The first mention of Ian Chaddock in this blog

  1. Gem

    You should have used that picture of Chaddock behind Jules in her kitchen window. Good work on music/writing, though. I still can’t really do it.

  2. Kat

    Hahaha! “what you listening to?” “wanna go to the park?” Ah Chaddock, what a guy. Remember when he asked Hazel a question like this and fell asleep during her answer? Hahaha xx

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