Capitalism is not your friend

Walking across the bit in Bournemouth that I’ve forgotten the name of – the ‘square’, or something – I glanced up to see one of the buildings still brandishing the Borders sign high up. “But wait!” I thought, “the store known as Borders closed down for good months ago!” This got my brain thinking about things, which lead me into the strange fantasy situation: in the near future (likely dystopian, living under the iron fist of a corrupt government in a police state. Switzerland, in other words) it has been decided that the sign will be removed, but the public – against the command of the powers that be – are protesting this choice, as they just ruddy well love Borders.

Okay, so maybe the near future/dystopia stuff is just influenced by watching Fortress the other day (memo-review coming soon!), but the second part I could well see happening. Public outcry at the removal of a sign. A sign indicating the name of a shop. A shop that closed down because it couldn’t compete with better, cheaper bookstores. I’m in hypothetical land but I am reasonably annoyed here, simply because I really wouldn’t be surprised at a reaction like this actually happening.

Obviously this comes from the insane, idiotic reaction that came about from people when Woolworths shut down. The outcry of sadness and regret from the public at the news of Woolies demise made me wish a great deal of the populace would just bugger off from life. It was a shop. A shop that failed at its only job. I recently read an article in a ladies magazine (doctor waiting rooms “for” “the” “win”) where a woman who had worked at Woolies for about 30 years had been made unemployed, and now didn’t know what to do with her life. She left school with no qualifications in order to work at Woolworths. This tells you all you need to know, and should give you the right idea of what I think of this particular episode

It’s capitalism. Survival of the most profitable. It’s not a romanticised notion, you don’t love a shop or a brand and they couldn’t give two bits of poop about you. Get over it. Let the shops that are shit die, then we’ll be left with all the bestest ones. It’s like evolution, in a way.


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2 responses to “Capitalism is not your friend

  1. pete485

    Oh Ian, you’re a harsh critic!

    Where the hell am I supposed to get a pastry brush and some pick and mix now, eh? Didn’t think of that now, did you?

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