Competitivity – IS IT EVEN A WORD?

I’ve never understood the drive to succeed. Well, actually, that sounds pretty pathetic and far too much like what actually goes through my head. Let’s change it. I’ve never understood the competitive nature of those around me, nor have I ever ‘got’ why so many things in life have to be a competition.

Now don’t get me wrong – I have an older brother, and as such I know what it is to compete. As double such, I know what it is to lose – consistently – at something. Be it running, being tall, being old, whatever – I always lost. It got to a point where I was better than Paul at things like Pro Evo, but other than that it was a general losing streak from me. As such, I really think I’ve managed to avoid the competitive streak in my life. If someone beat me at a game, for example, I will get angry. But I won’t go out of my way to right this wrong on my very being by spending three months of my life training to get better at whatever it is I was beat at.

In fact, fuck this, I’m drunk. Just – well, this sums it up:

Being competitive is to be a twat.


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  1. Pete Fraser

    The subtitles are amazing.

    Do you think anyone in Japan knows who Bob Holness even is?

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