Leavin’ on a jet plane (do know when I’ll be back: the 26th)

I’m off jet-setting for a week – in fact, I’ve written this well in advance and right now should be halfway across the Atlantic Ocean, barring any delays/terror attacks. I will continue to update this blog to the best of my ability through my five days in North America and will fill you in on my opinions of the four cities I will be taking in: Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. The last one I will be in for approximately two hours (again, barring delays/mad bombers), which I think will be more than enough time to form a coherent, definitive opinion on the place.

Yes, that’s right – I’m planning on bringing back my world famous reviews of a place, seeing as more than three people have referenced the Sweden review in some way, shape or form. So, people of the aforementioned cities across the pond: be on your best behaviour, and if you see someone who has a face like the one up at the top of this article then be extra nice to him. And probably give him money – he likes to have money, you see.

The rest of you can hold tight and wait to see if I can maintain this whole one a day lark when I’m in and out of planes for the next five days. I hear they don’t take kindly to wireless internet in those hurtling metal tubes of doom. Oh well, we shall have to challenge that belief*. Also, this will be my first experience of both Canada and the US, so if I come back spouting unbelievable nonsense when I get back –  like gap year students do – then you’ll know why.

Oh, this also, unfortunately, means the loss of my world famous world famous world famous Photoshop editing skills. Sorry Samuel.

*I’m not going to challenge anything, I’m going to turn wireless off, I am not a dimwit.


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One response to “Leavin’ on a jet plane (do know when I’ll be back: the 26th)

  1. pete485

    Vancouver is incredible.

    Eat lots of Sushi for me. It’s very cheap and very nice.

    Here’s a guide from the old Alternative Jesse James website.


    Any excuse.

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