I bought two wooden spoons today

As mentioned, I moved into a bedsit/studio/flat/MEGA-LIVE-HOLE yesterday. As is the case when you move somewhere that doesn’t have other people to sponge household equipment from, this meant I needed to actually buy things for the bloody place. Sickening, I know. Things like spoons, and other things you forget you don’t have as you’re so used to them being around. Like toasters.

One thing on the list was to buy a kettle. Mainly because I don’t have a kettle, but also because if I don’t get a kettle I’m likely to die a horrible death at the hands of my tea and coffee not being prepared fast enough. But it’s not that simple. The £4.97 models at Wilko’s were out of stock, and splashing out £12 for something that heats water made my blood run cold (THE IRONY). Yet, when I got home to check out what the kettle-score was on eBay I was stunned – stunned – to find myself looking at some reasonably fancy kettleology. I have no idea why, other than the fact that I want something half decent in which to make my water go from cold to hot before pouring it on freeze dried coffee and Demerara sugar.

I bought one off eBay for £7, regardless.

If only my eight-year-old self could see me now, he’d be so impressed. Not only do I leave the house especially to buy things like sponges and a bin, but I actually enjoy the process of traipsing around cheap shops to find some shit for my new little bedsit. Well, I say he’d be ‘impressed’, he’d actually not be paying attention because he’d be inside a darkened room playing a videogame and drinking Coke.

And not buying kettles for £7.



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2 responses to “I bought two wooden spoons today

  1. Ash

    Our kettle broke yesterday and I was horrified to see that some places charge £60 for them. £60. For a device that boils water.

    I still couldn’t bring myself to buy one from Morrisons for £5.99 earlier though. It was brand new, but somehow looked like it had been used in a student house for a decade.

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