Oodles of doodles

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a committed doodler. As most work I do involves sitting in front of a computer with a piece of paper nearby and a pen or pencil to hand, said hand often wanders. Not in a pervy way, fortunately. No, I tend to be possessed in the extremities to consign some wonderful pieces of doodling to paper, forever to be preserved. Until I scribble them out. Or rub them out. Or bin them.

I know I’m not alone in this habit, and I’ve personally witnessed many different doodle styles – hard to believe, I know. The styles and idiosyncrasies are certainly telling, revealing a great deal about the inner though-process of any particular individual. Well, either that or they sometimes look a bit like things.

Things I doodle vary. Generally speaking, they usually turn into spaceships or robots. Yes, I am eight years old. But it can be anything, and that’s something I find really interesting. From a single line I can visualise an entire scene, set out perfectly and flowing from pen/cil to paper. Usually robots, though. I’m not saying these are good scrawlings, or really worth mentioning, but shut up – this is my blog.

From two lines on a piece of paper next to my keyboard, I ended up with an elephant’s foot. From a square, I ended up with a living room scene, complete with family and TV show on the gogglebox. It is mostly spaceships, mind you.

So I’m going to set you an exercise: draw me something. I know about 20-30 people read this every day, so draw me something. Lighten my mood. Amuse me. I’d draw you something, but my mouse skills forbid me from doodling anything of my usual quality. Just imagine a spaceship or a robot – you get the idea.


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