Ocean’s 14 confirmed, Dransfield to star

Judging by the phenomenal reaction to yesterday’s tell-all bingo piece, I can see you lot are up for some more investigative journalism of the highest calibre. So it is that I actually played more online bingo today – in the name of research, of course – and can report back with good news. See, Ladbrokes have an offer on of deposit £5, play bingo with all of it, they’ll give you £20 credit and a £10 Morrisons voucher. I took advantage of this, hence my impromptu research yesterday.

The thing is – and the thing Ladbrokes certainly weren’t expecting – is that I used this £20 betting credit, which you cannot withdraw into your bank account, and by using the cunning ploy of ‘playing a bit of bingo’ I converted it from credit into real money. This means I’m actually up on a bookie for the first time in my life, and I actually feel like I should be in the lead role for Ocean’s 14.

No, really – I should. I can see the blurb now:

One man stood for all that was right in society – a paragon of all that is right, hopeful and true in our society. But all that was to come crashing down around him when he accidentally deposited £10 into his bingo account and spent all of it. Now though, in a powerful tale of the strength of the human spirit, this man will learn to stand again, to walk tall amongst the giants and – ultimately – to get £19.77 back out of the deal. Ocean’s 14, coming soon to a theatre near you. Rated PG-13.

It will be fucking astounding.

Though I suppose I could just put a fiver on the FA Cup final…



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2 responses to “Ocean’s 14 confirmed, Dransfield to star

  1. Ash

    I’m sure I found your account at Hills on a very boring day once. True story.

    I think my biggest problem with Bingo websites is that I’ve spoke to far too many of the people that play them. It’s grim.

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