I fell asleep for a bit, so this isn’t a thought about blog in the slightest, more just a collection of a few thoughts from the day. So… like a blog then, really. I’m almost getting the hang of this shit.

I see Google are/were celebrating Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary by putting a playable version of the game in the logo, or something. I say ‘or something’ as I haven’t actually bothered checking it. Because it’s Pac-Man. Which is 30 years old. And I’ve played it about eighteen billion times. Yet this slight novelty has been treated today as if it were the greatest advancement in human technology since some caveberk started making his beer in cans. Or something. Get over it – it’s novelty Pac-Man. It’s not worth telling the world about 43593298 times on fucking Twitter.

Anyway, following up on yesterday’s post I did indeed play football and – contrary to what I completely expected to happen – my ankle didn’t explode in a shower of pulped yams. In fact, I even managed to run for about three minutes (we played for two hours). Miraculous. However, this act of reasonable exercise – the first since last October – left me so knackered and headachey I had to go have a little sleepie for a bit. Ah, pathetic. Still, ankle: not explodey.

So Red Dead Redemption is out, is it? I wish people would stop asking if I’m getting it, or telling me about it, or just talking about it in general. While I can’t say I don’t care about it, as I do want to play it, I’m just not as enthused about it as everyone else in the world seems to be. Or ‘seems to have been told to be’. Ahem.

And finally, the news has claimed that BA needs to completely change if he is to survive. Poor old Baracus – he just loves helping local youth centres (and milk).

And second finally, Anna just linked this to me – one of my absolute favourite moments from Arrested Development. It makes me laugh like an absolute twat.

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