The blog in which I compare myself to The Simpsons

I had a bit of a Simpsons moment (lasting an hour or two) earlier today. I’ve not actually seen more than a handful of the newer episodes of the show over the last few years, so I thought I should do a bit of catching up. I completely forgot they had done a new intro, for one. It’s not that I’m of the belief, like so many others, that The Simpsons is shit these days and was only ever good from seasons 3-7 or whatever – no, I just don’t have access to the correct TV channels*.

After watching a few from, I think, series 21 it’s easy to see why people are complaining. Storylines that captivate as little as they innovate, reliance on bizarre non-sequiturs (which make me think of *shudder* Family Guy) and a general feel that it’s all a bit lazy. These were some of the thoughts and feelings that overcame me while watching.

But you know what? The Simpsons, even in its current not-so-great form, is better than 90 per cent of the other things I’ve seen on TV in recent years. Even when that show is bad (the episode where Lisa is president, anyone?) it still shits on most other telly from a vast, vast height. Plus it’s easy to see why it’s gone the way it has – I’m not saying it’s particularly defensible that they have indeed got lazier as time has progressed, but for a totally unwarranted comparison look at this blog. I’m less than halfway through and already it’s become a rest home for the weak, weary, lazy side of me that can’t be bothered formulating long, interesting posts. Over 20+ years I can see why something might start to stumble over itself.

Yes, that’s right – I just compared myself to The Simpsons. Anyone who thinks I don’t have an ego has just been proven (arrogantly) wrong.

Where was I? Ah yes. The Simpsons is still brilliant, as the poorer twilight years of its career can’t tarnish the fact that it was – at one point – the greatest thing in popular culture. See: “MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING!” “Purple is a fruit.” “Money can be exchanged for goods and services.” “Yes Lisa, daddy’s a teacher!” “Yarr… I don’t know what I’m doing…” and many, many, ohsomany more.

I’m going to watch some more, anyway. Ta ta.

*Also I never considered until today that I could stream them in a less-than-legal fashion. I am a doofus.



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2 responses to “The blog in which I compare myself to The Simpsons

  1. Ash

    “What are you people doing in my corpse hatch?

    Oh, Did I say ‘corpse hatch?’ I meant innocence tube.”

    One of the many Simpsons moments that makes me giggle like a small child just thinking about it.

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