I don’t want to go there

This world is magnificent, beautiful, awe-inspiring and lots of other things David Attenborough has told me. It is the only one we have, and we only have a short amount of time to actually see the bloody thing.

So why is it there are some places in the world I just don’t really care about going to? I don’t mean like Somalia or Zimbabwe or Scotland or any other failed state situation – I mean genuine, proper, normal countries where you’re only quite likely to get knifed up. There are real places in the world that I just don’t want to go to. I have no interest in them.

This makes no sense. They are places I have never been – never seen. If I go about things in the way I intend to, I will never actually see them. So how can I be content in this attitude? Is it a damning indictment of me as a person? Does it betray my small town roots to the world at large (or just most of it, as the case may be)?

You know what – it probably does. I am a small minded gibbon of a man, and while I wouldn’t say no to a free trip there, I’m not going out of my way to take a trip to the likes of Russia, China, the Caribbean in general, Austria (that one’s for you, Anna), Greenland or Wales.

I do kind of want to go to North Korea though.


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7 responses to “I don’t want to go there

  1. Interesting post — I admire your candor. There are places I bever wanted to go, such as Rio, Brazil, but once I got there I had a great time. Sometimes you just have to be in a place to appreciate it.

    As for me I wouldn’t want to go to Krgystan or Burma. Indonesia is not high on my list either, even though I realize it is an enormous country. Places like that and Burma scare me — too much unrest.

  2. Anna

    Austria’s beautiful, it really is.

    It’s just a shame they raise incest-babies in cellars and elect Wehrmacht officers to office.

    Jus’ sayin’.

  3. Pete

    To be honest, there are loads of places I’ve been not too fussed about, gone to for work or whatever and then spent every subsequent waking hour striving to get back to cause they’re SO BLOODY BRILLIANT!!

    Go first, decide later…

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