You drink the joe, you make some mo’!

I apologise in advance that this is a short entry – I’ve been caught up doing other things this evening so haven’t been able to do my usual ‘sit staring at the screen hoping you’ll think of a half-decent topic’ thing I do each night. Still, it’s one that makes me laugh, so if you’re not happy then I HATE YOU.

I give advertising a hard time, mainly because it’s shit. It is – don’t fight it. But to dismiss the entire thing would be to miss out on some truly brilliant campaigns that have existed over the years. There is actually more than one campaign I can name off the top of my head, believe it or not, but for today we’ll just stick with one. And one that didn’t even air in the UK, I should point out.

See, back in a darker time for humanity we were faced with a small break between godawful commercial space during some Superbowl event the Yanks were having for their quaint little gridiron thing. Reebok were at hand to step up. And step up they did. The following commercial is the first in a series – if you like the first one, you should watch the rest – and it shows how even I can be convinced that not all advertising is evil.

WOO! I ain’t got time for pain, the only pain I got time for is the pain I put on fools who don’t know what time it is!

(Also, fact fans: this is the chap who voices Cole Train on Gears of War. Wonder where the inspiration for that character came from…)

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