Eating fried chicken, watching shit TV

There was a magical time back in the way back when, when I would blunder home in a drunken stupor and watch crap television while eating fried chicken. This is both part of the reason I am in the state I am in today, as well as at least 50 per cent of the reason I am such a fatty today. It is also about 75 per cent of the reason I know about as many pointless, shit TV shows as I do.

I watched Grounded For Life and laughed (I also thought the daughter was pretty. She wasn’t). I watched The District starring Craig T Nelson and thought it was gripping television. I looked forward to Norm, starring Norm MacDonald. But there was one thing I could never remember – I saw it, it stuck with me and I remembered it, but I never could put my finger on what it was.

Then, one day while browsing the usual nonsense I do to pass my time, I came across mention of the actor Jay Mohr. I remembered his face from an episode of Scrubs. I looked him up on Wikipedia. Suddenly, this show I remember seeing a film executive ranting at someone before dying of a heart attack became clear in my mind. It was called Action.

I downloaded Action, and have been watching episodes here and there, wherever I have some time to kill.

It’s not bad. It’s just not very good. But at the same time, it makes me feel warm inside. I think I’ll watch the rest of it. Then I shall have to download Norm, just to keep up appearances.


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