A childhood without an ending

How many of you ever actually saw the end to your favourite childhood cartoons? Hands up. Come on now – don’t be shy. And I don’t mean recently, via either Youtube or the craptons of DVD releases – I mean when you were a kid, when you were supposed to be watching them. How many of you saw the ending to a cartoon, or kids show in general, as an actual kid? I honestly can’t think of one time.

I mean, I originally thought that Transformers: The Movie offered some kind of closure and new beginnings (yeah, I’m sure I thought all this aged three, when it came out), but at the beginning of the second series they just brought Optimus Prime back and carried on. It’s a bit of a cop out, as much as I love Optimus. And then, of course, the series has gone on forever in numerous guises and never looks to actually stop or finish anywhere.

What about something else? Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors? I loved that show as a young ‘un, even though I never got any of the toys. Thanks parents. But did I see the ending? Did I fuck. Why? Well, because (according to my good friend Wikipedia) they never actually made one. The series was cancelled because the toys didn’t sell well enough, so in a roundabout way I can actually directly blame my parents for never having seen the end to Jayce’s quest to be reunited with his father. I always thought the ending should be that Saw Boss is his dad, but hey ho.

He-Man? No ending to speak of. Thundercats? Friends told me of an ending, where Lion-O threw Mumm-Ra’s sarcophagus into the fountain of life or something, but I never saw that. Ulysses 31? It had an ending, but I never saw it as a kid. Why? Because the fucking thing was on at about 6am. Even at eight years old this was too early to be getting up. I didn’t even watch the ending when Ben, my old housemate, got the series on DVD. Hmm. M.A.S.K? No idea.

But what prompted this? Well, it turns out one of my most hated series for seemingly never ending actually did have an ending. Dungeons & Dragons was an irritant, Uni was a little prick, the characters were gimps, Dungeon Master was an annoying little shit and the only redeeming thing about it was Venger. I watched so much of it it infuriated me I never got to see an ending – but there was an ending planned and written, just never produced. See?

I have no major point to close on here, nor am I going to tie up any loose ends in this entry. It’s not like these cartoons had an effect on me or anything…


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  1. I saw the end of Ulysses when it was repeated before the Big Breakfast in the late 90s. From memory they didn’t get home and just carried on.

    I also saw the end of Cities of Gold (when it was on the first time round) but I can’t remember for the life of me what happened. It was a giant golden condor! no wait! that was just a normal episode wasn’t it?

    What’s even more surprising is how few episodes alot of these never ending series actually had. Bagpuss only had 13 episodes but it seemed like hundreds, all of them about the biscuit factory fraud.

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