Search engine optimisation (SEO), or: how to optimise for search engines on the internet, using things like snappy titles

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a fun thing to learn about at work, because it tells you exactly how to go about incorporating search engine optimisation (SEO) into your website. I have to say I had already got some education on the benefits of search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as the methods in which to successfully use search engine optimisation (SEO) on the number of websites I wrote for before I had this job. Nevertheless, you can never complain when search engine optimisation (SEO) is involved, as it is a useful thing to have (search engine optimisation (SEO), that is).

Seriously though, I have been paid real, actual, genuine money in the past – not much, but still money for crack and hookers and stuff – to write SEO-based articles. Now this may not tie in with this whole ‘artistic integrity’ thing we hear so much about, but I really did want to eat that week. Anyway, it’s seen me write about just about every country in the world (and how to buy houses there), Umbro products (sacked in a day) and drug rehab clinics, methods, symptoms and whatever else. It is a weird world.

It’s especially weird when you consider the stuff you’re writing – which is, I might add, based on genuine, reasonably deep research – isn’t used for anything other than making the site you’re doing it for appear higher on search rankings. You get your words published, but it’s a very, very hollow feeling when they’re actually up there. Especially when you’ve been in touch with Belarusian officials only for them to tell you “No. British cannot buy house here.”

Oh, search engine optimisation (SEO), you sly pooch.


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  1. Gem

    Lovely stuff again, Drando. Funny, I’m currently writing SEO copy about commercial energy suppliers. A subject on which I am most definitely an expert.

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