Jon Snow is great, Zac Goldsmith is a plum

I am late to the party, as it were, with this one. I did actually see it until the day after it aired, but I’ve had such other pressing things to blog about I didn’t bring it up until now (either that or I forgot… I forget). Basically, I love Jon Snow:

Now, Zac Goldsmith comes across as nothing more than a chump from chumpsville who needs to chump off back to his chumpmobile before he chumps the place up any more. Which I think is a fair assessment. The constant harrying of Snow for the opening two thirds of the interview comes across as absolutely nothing more than an entitled little shit behaving in exactly the way an entitled little shit behaves: no listening to others, no taking on board what is being said and pushing forward only with what they want to push forward with.

Throw in the obvious politicking and you have a recipe for me wanting to punch someone right in the face. We’re not all as stupid as your name, Zac, and we can spot delaying tactics especially easily when they’re as blatant and ill thought-out as these were.

But then I hit an impasse. You see, he’s clearly a cock, he’s having a go at a genuine idol of mine and I have very little time for born into privilege, Eton-educated Tory fuckwits. That much cannot be argued with. But I made the mistake of looking on Zaccy boy’s Wiki page and it made me dislike him less. I mean, he’s done some quite good things and seems to appreciate some quite good causes/ideologies.

Fortunately, I soon came back to my senses: he is a poor little rich kid, (apparently) caught red-handed after doing something naughty and he is reacting in the exact way that would earn him a slap in the real world*.

Yay for late, half-baked reactions to things!

*Hahaha, as if I inhabit anything like the real world.


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