Stupid, stupid people

The death of Raoul Moat blah blah, etc. It has brought out the absolute worst comment from someone I have ever read. Now this may be taken out of context, it may have been a joke, an aside, not indicative of the actual meaning of what was being said (“irony”, you could call it). What am I talking about? Why, the comments of one Theresa Bystram, mother of three and lady who attended Moat’s funeral wearing a Chelsea FC shirt. These comments:

“I absolutely loved him. I just think he is a hero and I wanted to pay my respects. He kept them coppers on the run all that time. Fair enough people died but they must have deserved it.”

I feel it’s only fair to point out here, as in this story where I got the quote from, that she didn’t know the dead bouncer in question. She just travelled halfway across the country to attend his funeral and spout off to the media about how he’s a hero. The same media who are 99 per cent to blame for the fact that idiots like this think this dead prat are heroes.

I do like the logic on show here – some people died, therefore they must have deserved it. if that’s not the logic of a TV-watcher then I don’t know what is. Though surely she understands the contradiction that could be inferred if you were to point out that Moat died, and therefore surely – by her logic – must have deserved it? Just sayin’.

Here’s one thing I find interesting: we live in a world where a man is fined real money for making a (poor) joke about blowing up an airport. Yet we live in a world where some fat moron can say another fat moron was right to hate cops, to kill one person and hurt a couple of others and it’s just ignored. That’s at least a £20 fine, surely?



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