You look like that in photos because YOU LOOK LIKE THAT

I forgot how much I like proper photos until the other day. By ‘proper’ I of course mean ones printed on paper – be it matte or gloss, I’m not fussy. Just so long as it’s decent paper, and not sugar paper. Wouldn’t that be silly, eh? EH?

But no: real photos, I did forget I am a fan. Doing my usual internet boredom-busting I stumbled upon one of the many photo printing sites around. This one offered 40 free prints (plus 99p postage) from your digital archives. Obviously I took advantage, as I like free things and I wanted a physical record I could hold in my hands that proved to the world I had a girlfriend at one point.

I ordered and forgot about them, then a week or so later they arrived (and I remembered about them, shockingly). Immediately I was taken back to the time through uni before I had a digital camera, when I would go on nights out with my shitty £12 Camera 2000, or whatever it was called. Once every few weeks I’d visit the development place and get them done. And it was fun. It was always something – however minor – to look forward to.

I still love digital photography, and still love pics from days out/nights out/whatever else might happen. But I think the old fashioned stuff just has an edge on it for one very simple reason: when I took a photo on Camera 2000, people couldn’t instantly look at it, decide they looked ever-so-slightly wrong and then demand I delete it. They had to live with the results, as if it were somehow possible that sometimes in their lives they might pull a funny face, or look a bit fat from a certain angle, or blink.

It’s not the kind of camera taking the pictures that ruins the photo-taking or the pictures that come out – it’s idiocy and vanity. Get over it. You don’t have to look at yourselves all the time, whereas we do. We know what you look like and we’re used to it, which is why you’re a bad judge on photos of yourself. This also applies to myself, by the way.

But yeah, I’m glad I got those photos printed. I might get some framed, too.

(Yes, I am aware the above image is digital. Do you know how much of a ballache it is to scan in and put up old photos? GOD.)


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2 responses to “You look like that in photos because YOU LOOK LIKE THAT

  1. Ben

    That photo is in the Adelphi beer garden. Plus that’s my hat.

    Metal beads also. Ahhh the past.

  2. Yeah, but my head mate it mine. MASSIVELY mine.

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