Slipping standards, or something

As those of you paying close attention will have noticed, I was a bit all over the place with my updates this weekend. I explained ahead of time that this would be a possible outcome of the visit to foreign lands, but it still sticks in my head. Earlier in the days of One A Day there didn’t seem to be much of a consensus on the rules beyond ‘write more than a paragraph, do it every day’. Actually, thinking about it, there isn’t much of a consensus now either.

Still, I worked from these basic rules and managed to invent my own in my head just through a matter of course. One of which was to actually do an entry every day, on the day. I managed this for a while before forgetting one when drunk, then missing one here, another there. This time around I’ve had to do a couple of double updates to keep on top of things. But am I sliding into carelessness?

Well, no. Not really. I have an update for every day, so far as I’m aware. They’ve rarely – if ever – been more than a day out of date by the time they’ve gone up and I’ve always tried to at least write something and have it on my PC ready to go even if I had no internet access. Or if a stupid hotel had blocked your blog for being inappropriate.

I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here – I think it may just be a pep-talk for myself, geeing myself up as I have, in recent months, been at the creative end of some uninspired tosh when it comes to these blogs.

Still, I will soldier on. Any writing is good for the writer, even if it’s shit. I’m always learning with this and I’m well past the halfway point. That could mean, in a way, I’m on the home stretch.

Tomorrow: jetlag will have faded a little, meaning I should return to my regular service/negativity.

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