My feet have gone mental

It would appear that over the last year my feet have gone mental. See, I purchased a pair of trainers around my birthday last year, they lasted just under a year before I had to get rid of them as they were quite literally falling to pieces. I had to buy different shoes – as if you expected anything else.

I have now bought three different pairs, and only one of them have managed to not rip my feet apart. One pair were actually rubbing away at my foot to the point I think it would have got down to the bone if I’d have continued to wear them. The pair that didn’t hurt me, and were actually comfortable, were really shit and made me look like more of a nong than normal.

So I bought a third pair, reverting to type and getting the Converse I seem to have been wearing forever. But something’s gone wrong. They’re hurting my foot, necessitating plasters. I cannot blame the trainers, as the brand/type has never caused me any harm in the past, so I must jump to the next logical conclusion: my feet have gone mongy and weird.

I reckon it’s probably down to the different air pressure down here in the south of the country, which has clearly caused my feet to inflate. Either that or the mineral composition of the tap water around here, so different as it is to back in the north, has made my feet explode with some kind of watery-gout-death thing. Or something.

That’s the only thing it could possibly be.


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