Drinking: a habit I seem to have lost

Booze is great, but I’ve found myself not drinking nearly as much as I used to. I’m saying this like it’s a bad thing when it’s clearly nothing but great and healthy and all that shite. Though it does mean I’m not as sociable as I once tried and failed to be.

Alright, so that’s a lie – I didn’t try.

I barely make orders on TheDrinkShop.com anymore, which must have them worried as I’m sure I was their best customer (who was on the dole at the same time) just the other year. But some things just aren’t the same.

I still love Zubrowka, but it just doesn’t have the magic anymore. And as for pressed apple juice (the only thing to drink with it)? That shit seems to get more expensive every sodding day. I’ll have to try some of Lidl’s finest in it one day.

Beer is still just as great as beer has always been, but I want an Oddbins nearby with a crate of 24 bottles of Quilmes for £16, like back in Leeds. The every-few-weekly trips to Headingly with Jack for a crate each were the stuff of LAD legend. Even though there’s a wider selection of beers and ales in Waitrose, it just doesn’t feel right. And beer is a bit too expensive from the aforementioned TheDrinkShop.com (seriously, I don’t work for them).

Wine? Pick it up on the day/night. £5 tops. Gone within an hour or two. Some shit never changes.

But the one thing I honestly think has put me off drinking as much – ordering from The Drink Shop (dot com) – is this: Sailor Jerry’s. They changed the recipe months ago, and it went from being a delicious beverage I was introduced to by Kat and Rich to an awful, bland, pointless stain on the boozing community. And I blame Kat and Rich.

The day they changed that recipe is the day my enthusiasm died, and it’s not yet managed to recover. I’ve been hunting for anyone with remaining stocks and asking advice on similar-tasting rums, but no dice as of yet. I have a quarter of a bottle of the old recipe sitting in the kitchen, and I doubt it’s going to get touched for at least a few years.

Maybe I can finally develop a taste for scotch…


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7 responses to “Drinking: a habit I seem to have lost

  1. I feel your pain, the new Sailor J’s tastes like ass. Louise and I were talking about this tonight, how we simply don’t go out and drink as much as we used to. I have wardrobes full of party frocks going to waste. I don’t even have the same hankering for gin as before. Although I did recently discover Hendricks and Cucumber, which is delicious. Maybe we’re just getting old, or we need to find something better. And, if it cheers you up at all, Quilmes is no longer on offer in Oddbins.

    • I remember the time when Quilmes disappeared for months. Turned out it was because of a worker’s strike. I was horrified they had stopped me from getting beer, but at the same time proud of my South American brothers.

      But more just happy the beer had returned.

      I think I just need a nice, quiet, non-shit local. I’d say Bob’s Bar, but it’s never bloody open.

  2. Gem

    You’d love my local, The Owl at Rodley. It’s one of my favourite ever pubs: real ale, ageing local bands playing blues, good Sunday roasts and all within a five minute walk of home.

    • Gem

      P.S. What’s Bob’s Bar? It sounds like something from an American animated sit-com.

      • Gem: Bob’s Bar is just a small bar a five-minute walk from my house. It’s also rarely open. It has a very strange opening/closing schedule.

        Anna: the Hop and Killlerdeathcan or whatever it’s called is clearly horrible.

        Chris: if you recommend Skol to anyone ever again I’m going to HUNT YOU DOWN.

  3. Anna

    You need a local? What’s wrong with the Hop and Silverfish, or whatever it’s called?

  4. Chris Mc

    Just pop down the Best One, get six cans of Skol. Your problems: sorted.

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