No… sleep… til something! der der

I have switched to Tiny Laptop, so no picture for yooou.

I’m writing this while really bloody tired, so it may seem a bit odd with what I’m going to complain about. See, I haven’t been sleeping very well recently – interrupted snoozings as a result of my brain being an idiot and waking me up, as well as new, loud, stupid, godIhopetheydie, housemates. It all means I’ve not got as much shut-eye as I’d want, and it’s left me in a bit of a spaced-out/cranky mood for the last couple of weeks.

The reason it’s so weird is because I used to be able to sleep anywhere, at any time, in any state. When I was a kid I climbed under a chair in a family entertainment club (what the hell are you supposed to call them? ‘A thing like Butlins, but not branded and cheaper’ will have to do). Loud music, revellers and drunken adults mean nothing, as I was tired. So I slept.

I used to sleep for long, long times. During my student heydays we were talking 12 hours minimum most nights of the week, and some legendary snore-fests clocked up about 16 hours. Well what else was I going to do? Study?

But now it doesn’t seem as easy any more. My brain won’t just shut off and let me sleep. These days the concerns and worries are all too real and a bit too close for my liking, and it all serves to make me lose ten minutes here, ten minutes there.

Fuck’s sake, I just want an old-fashioned 14-hour shut-eye. Is that too much to ask?

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