Enough is enough: it’s time for a change

It’s fast approaching that time, once again, where I have to make a huge decision. Things are getting stale, old and I’m hearing endless noises in the back of my head that anger me. Change is necessary. Something different needs to come into my life. Even though financially it wouldn’t be the right thing to do, I have to at least consider it for the good of my own sanity.

I’m thinking about getting a new PC.

Unfortunately that brings up a whole host of questions and potential answers. Do I want laptop, or desktop? Barebones or ridiculous power-horse-machine-thing? Pre-built? Bespoke? Self-built? AMD or Intel? Nvidia or ATI? DVD or Blu-ray? Expensive or cripplingly expensive? I don’t really know the answers to any of these just yet, but they’re the kinds of things I’ve had to consider numerous times over the last decade or so.

I’m plotting a return to desktops, as this lappy was always too big to really drag around with me and I have Tiny Laptop for that duty anyway. Then there’s the upgradeable aspect and blah de blah other things you don’t care about. Cheaper too, at least for a gaming machine. Also I have a desk – IT ALL MAKES SENSE.

I’m not getting a Mac, though, and I’m probably not actually getting anything, as I can afford just about £0.00 right now (and for the foreseeable future). Oh well.

But if this fan doesn’t shut up – it’s eating away inside my brain, I tells ya – I may well go on a murderous rampage. Donate money to me so I can buy a new PC and not stab everyone in a 20-mile radius*.

*Note to any law enforcement officials or other humourless twerps: I am not about to go on a stabbing rampage. Said statement was made in jest. Also: you smell.


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2 responses to “Enough is enough: it’s time for a change

  1. Anna

    You can’t get a desktop. Where would we paint byootiful moonlit scenes from Star Wars then?

  2. Get a shuttle. Small enough to hide behind a desk but (with the right model) you can still run your Intel gigaplexium 5000 and Nvidia Voodoo VoltZ mahoosive graphics card.

    Or just get a laptop that’s faster, quieter and lighter.

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