I bite my tongue at you. Also my thumb.

I did claim arguing was weird for me the other day, and I am still correct in that assertion – my brain often lets me down in many ways. But today I’ve remembered a feeling that’s even weirder: biting my tongue. Now I’m not going to go into any detail, as I am both biting said tongue and I can’t be bothered. Just to get that out of the way.

But to have a clearly-defined opinion on a matter and to want to get involved with the ongoing discussion, yet at the same time forcing yourself – with no outside interference – to not say anything… that’s hard. It feels like a betrayal of your own beliefs, and that’s not something I’m too big on. Unless I’m being paid enough. I’d sell my own chin for enough money.

But overall, when things have died down (i.e. tomorrow) I will come out of it proud and able to act like a better person, as I have kept my trap shut on the internet. And as we all know, keeping one’s trap shut on the internet is the most difficult thing anyone in the world can ever do. It’s been proven with science.

Honestly though, my opinion on the whole REDACTED is that REDACTED should just REDACTED and stop REDACTED all over the REDACTED. Which means when we find out who the sixth cylon is we’ll all be REDACTED.



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2 responses to “I bite my tongue at you. Also my thumb.

  1. Jon

    I’ll give you 8 quid and a copy of two worlds for your chin

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