Click here to see me aged 15, then click some more links. That is all.

Would the Ian aged 15, as pictured above (with the perennially-older Gem, there aged 16) have ever believed that he would be the subject of a song at any point in his life? No, he would not. And he would be correct in thinking that, at least 11 years later*, as it is still yet to materialise.

What he does have, however, is a song inspired by him. Me. Ian. Whatever. And just like those movies inspired by some kind of event, it actually has little to do with me whatsoever. But what the hell does that matter, when I’ve inadvertently invented a lyric for a comedy song about videogames?

Go have a look here, and listen to the song. I mean, if you don’t like games you’ll probably have no idea what he’s on about, but if you do then it’s actually quite funny. And that’s as high as my praise will ever get.

There is no reason I chose to use this photo, other than I had just happened to look at it. I really should back up my pictures. And write a blog about pictures. IDEA FOR TOMORROW: GO!

If you don’t want to click on the link as you have no interest, or soul, you can just click on the one for my story instead. It’s here. I’m in a shilling mood, and if I get the most clicks for the month I win a prize. So tell everyone you know. And some you don’t.

*The math…s works – it was just before my birthday in 1999.


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One response to “Click here to see me aged 15, then click some more links. That is all.

  1. Haaaa! Amazing. Only just seen this post. Check out my braces and your youthful face, untainted by LIFE. Sexy sex. Also, which line did you invent in that song?

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