New phone time! (in four months)

Four months until my mobile contract runs out means it’s about time to start thinking about the possibility of (at some point) maybe getting an upgrade. Even though I can’t do it for four months. What this means is it’s time to peruse the O2 website, taking in all the phoney delights they have to offer* and generally getting confused about what the hell is going on these days.

At one point I had a faint grasp on what phone is good and what phone is shit, but these days all I know is that the iPhone is quite good. I know that, and I know that if I were to get one I would become a twat who talks about it all the time. This puts me off. I have no idea about HTCs, Nokia Nsomethings or anything else, to the point where it makes me sound like a doddering old fart.

I can take a Dual Shock 3 to pieces and put it back together with my eyes closed, mind you**.

No, I think I’ll probably spend a few months casually browsing the O2 shop, looking at the pretty phones, fearing I’d break the screen of a big-screened one with my fat arse and eventually deciding on the best option after weighing up all the pros and cons. I’ll have the perfect phone for my needs, it will be newer than my Nokia 6500c and it will have more features. Oh, and it won’t break the bank.

I’ll do all that, then I’ll just take the £100 account credit instead, so I don’t have to pay my bills for a few months. Sod getting a new phone – I barely use the thing anyway.

*Phone-y, not phoney as in false. As that would be rather daft, do you not think? I kind of like O2, they’re not phoney. Apart from the time they tried to screw me over for a contract I didn’t even have. But that’s all in the past, and no money changed hands. It’s all good. It’s allllll good.

**Though only if my eyes are open.



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4 responses to “New phone time! (in four months)

  1. Ben

    Ha, your photo is your Matrix phone from the start of Uni. NICE.

  2. And

    One word; Quidco

    Two words; Runny

  3. If it’s anything like my 7110, it will have created many hours of japery down the pub “Tank, I need a pint!” “Tank, I need a piss!”

    For current phones you have 3 choices I think:

    1) You want a touch screen, you don’t want to spend hours setting it up, you contributing to the Steve Jobs pension fund and don’t mind paying for every little app you need – buy an iPhone

    2) You want a touch screen, you’re a bit geeky and like endless customising your desktop, you’re a cheapskate and want free apps – buy an HTC Desire HD or Xperia X10

    3) You don’t like touch screens and want a brick phone – buy a Sony C905 (proper flash for the camera and everything)

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