Lots of stuff, lacking in ownership

I got to thinking about my bed, and how it’s shit. It’s creaky and noisy and not very comfortable (though tell that to Commander Snoreathon who seems to be loving the comfort it offers right now). In a perfect world – even in a less-shit world – I would have a bed better than this. But that would involve purchasing a bed, and that got me thinking – there are many things I have used throughout my life that I have never, at any point, purchased myself. I am 27 years old and I have never bought a bed.

I hadn’t bought a bin until a few months ago, when I broke that duck, and we all know the hilarious novelty I saw in buying two wooden spoons. As for the Pyrex dishes I picked up the other week? Well, they made me feel like more of a real person, even if I personally haven’t used them at all. Snore-o-9000 has, of course.

I’ve used washbins (those things for dirty clothes, FACT FANS) since forever, yet I’ve never actually bought one. I’ve used sofas since I was wee, but I’ve never invested in one. I’ve had a couple of my own chairs, but I didn’t hand over the dough for either.

Thinking about it, I’ve never even bought a plate, or a bowl (cereal kind, not Pyrex kind). I bought a few glasses because they looked funny, and I’ve had many mugs from charity shops (they’re just better). I did once buy a desk, but my landlord reimbursed me for that so I’m not sure if it counts. There are a lot more things I could think of, but I’ve probably lost 99 per cent of my crowd by now.

Basically, if everything I didn’t buy myself was to be taken away from me right now I’d be left rather wanting. On the plus side I would still have my TV and game consoles, so there is always that. My priorities: right.



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3 responses to “Lots of stuff, lacking in ownership

  1. I’m the same. I have never bought a bed (but I have bought a mattress) or a sofa (except an inflatable one) and most of “my” furniture is hand-me-downs.

    Any furniture I did buy myself was inevitably from Argos and I smashed it with an axe when I had to move back home. Good stress relief. Also Argos furniture is shit. What use is a desk drawer whose front comes off every time you pull it by the handle? You know, the traditional way in which you open a desk drawer.

  2. Ash

    I’ve never bought a bed. I’ve bought a fucking HOUSE, though.

  3. mum

    and your red comfortable chair is still here when you want it

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