I’m wondering what music to set this to

This entry was initially going to be very similar to this one here. As I read that before commencing writing mine, I decided to go down a different path. While I have opted for this silliness, just read the other blog to see my actual opinions on all of this.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops, I do not care for thee,

You are partially set in Vietnam, which is covered in trees,

But that doesn’t change my opinion as relating to you,

Because in my humblest of humble opinions, you’re a little bit poo,

I have no interest in your guns, your shooting or killing,

It’s not that I don’t find these particular acts fulfilling,

For some reason I just could never get on board,

And in saying that, I might have to fall on my sword,

For you see, speaking out against the game known as COD,

Leaves a lot of people acting like you just slagged off God,

And if I was to say “I’m just not that big a fan”,

The abuse I would get would rival that of the Klan,

So the next time I’m out and I want something shooty,

Please don’t recommend I get Call Of Duty.



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One response to “I’m wondering what music to set this to

  1. haha, I think I’ll steal that

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