Reasons to be enthusiastic, part one

I have had one of the nerdiest/saddest days of my life today, and therefore one of the most enthusiastic/satisfying days. Granted the whole day didn’t involve doing these things, it was actually only two rather brief moments of Monday, but still. I AM WELL COOL.

Earlier in the day I found myself seriously, genuinely enthusing about the cases used on PlayStation games. I don’t just mean I said “they were ace”, I mean I was talking about it at Jon for a good few minutes. I could go into it more here if I wanted to bore you, so I might. Well, no, I’ll just mention what I was on about. See, in the early PS days there weren’t enough single-disc cases to go around, so a lot of single-disc games were released in multi-disc cases. This was quite an endearing feature of the PlayStation and is something that provides warm memories about certain games.

So fucking what? You people like the X-Factor. I have weird things I like too. STOP JUDGING ME.

The other thing – person – I was enthusiastic about was John Carmack. After he Tweeted something characteristically nerdy, I started gushing at Anna (not like that you FOUL people), speaking of how great he is. He’s a fantastic programmer, taught himself to be a rocket scientist in his spare time (a NASA award-winning one, no less) and is a massive proponent of open source. i.e. he supports giving shit away and doesn’t just SUE SUE SUE when people have the temerity to do something with software they’re not meant to do.

Also he’s a massive nerd. More so than me, seeing as I have none of the skills he does.

So yes – two things today that characterise who I am, and two things I will happily keep on being enthusiastic about. It’s good to know there are still some things that make me happy in this world: CD cases and the bloke who made Doom.


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  1. Gem

    Hurrah for enthusiasm! xx

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