Ian’s wishlist, November 2010

I’ve had a day of wanting new things today, mainly fuelled by the fact I’ve been lazing around doing fuck all in spectacular fashion. Though I did have an awesome sandwich, thanks to THE LOVELY WOMAN. But yes, the act of Not Doing Much is deeply conductive to the state whereby I simply browse the internet, looking at fings wot I want. Seeing as it’s nearly Christmas (it isn’t) and you all want to buy me things (you don’t), here’s a list of the things I have decided I will buy today. It is not interesting, nor is it in any way surprising.

Asus EEE PC 1215N: I love Tiny Laptop, I really do. But at the same time I find its resolution settings restrictive, in that I can’t play things that need more than 600 pixels of screen depth. Most old games are fine, but there are some less-than-old-games that just don’t work out for me, and this annoys. I’m looking at you, GalCiv2. It is £429 though, and that’s far more than I earn in a year.

Desktop PC: Yes, as well as a new Tiny Laptop. One is for work (gaming on the go), the other is for work (gaming at home). I think it’s about time Big Laptop was retired, and I think I want to go back to the world of desktops. This is another £800-900 investment to be made. So that’s two years’ salary.

A second Xbox 360: I want to be able to play debug code for games at home, and I know I’ll never get sent a debug console by MicroSoft. Hence, I want a second 360 that I can flash. Bam: semi-pointless waste of about £100, total.

A second PS3: see above reasoning, only replacing flashing with ‘jailbreaking’. Unfortunately it seems quite hard to get hold of a PS3 – even a broken one to be fixed up – for anything approaching the super-cheap prices I am willing to pay. So there’s another £100 minimum.

This book: though admittedly this is for Anna, not I.

See? Isn’t that just a thrilling not-quite-Christmas list? I’ll provide my address to whoever it is that wants to splurge £1500+ on me. Eight years’ wages.


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