I was angry, then I got tired

I was going to rant today. I was going to unleash the fury, have a go at many things that have pissed me off today and generally make a scene. I was going to be spitting bile in the direction of many authority figures, I was going to be questioning and clumsily dissecting policies, decisions and outcomes. I was going to do all of that, but I had too much work to be getting on with this evening.

As such, I’ve calmed down from how I was earlier. The initial shock of whatever it was that was making me angrier than I’ve been in a while has been replaced by a combination of weariness and… well, a bit more weariness. The rage has subsided, replaced instead by a need to go to bed.

It helps that when I got in I watched some Daniel Kitson, finally remembering to see what he’s like as I’ve meant to for a few weeks now. He’s really good, actually. That helped the rage peter out a bit. Then the inevitable YouTube trawl for other comedians extinguished most of the fires of hatred.

Then having to watch Resident Evil: Afterlife gave my fury a different target to focus on, and after writing about both that and Tron Evolution this evening I’m kind of all angered out. I mean, I’m not – I’m still utterly enraged by the situation our government has thrust upon its people, I’m furious about the treatment of people by the police – a force I once foolishly respected and thought of as there for our protection (turns out – here’s the dirty little secret – they’re just bouncers for the government). I’m still mad about that. I’m angry. I feel there’s little hope of a bright future, at least in the immediate times to come.

But I’m just a bit pooped right now, and I want to go and do a little sleepy. Unfortunately I have more work to finish for tomorrow, so that’s bollocksed that idea right up.


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One response to “I was angry, then I got tired

  1. Dan

    It’s really annoyed me, especially the head police bloke saying that it was disgraceful. Why were they charging at people with horses?

    And the media calling it just “students”, I’m fairly certain that lots of other people were there too. And that they are spoiled and just don’t want to get in to debt. If they were saying it against working class people striking for more pay, so less debt, they’d get slaughtered in the press.

    God, the real world is frustrating.

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