Play magazine, and all that

Today’s entry veers dangerously close to some kind of marketing, or even sounding like I’m a Company Man – those who know me know this is nonsense as I hate everything. If anything, it should mean there’s a greater impact behind the words* as it shows I do genuinely have a place in my heart for this sheeit.

See, today the 200th issue of the magazine I write for, Play, has been released. This is actually quite a big thing in the world of gaming magazines, as there really aren’t too many that have lasted this long. It’s such a transient, fickle business that what seems popular enough to have a magazine based on it one month will have fuck-all interest in it by the next week. So yeah, 15 years is a decent effort. In fact, I think there’s only a few gaming mags out there now that have hit this mark.

Anyway, this does matter to me beyond boasting on behalf of Imagine Publishing. I actually used to buy Play every month – I bought the first issue, back in 1995 whenever it was, a tiny 12-year-old with the hopes and dreams of a nation on my shoulders. Either that or I just wanted something to fill the Amiga Power-shaped hole in my heart, and a magazine edited by Dave “Games Animal” Perry seemed perfect for task. It wasn’t, but I still liked it.

The mag was genuinely one of my favourites through that point of my life, and up to a certain point, which I don’t know, I would buy it every month. I even had a subscription at one point. And a letter printed. I’m so fucking cool, bet Anna can’t wait for me and my cool to arrive later.

Anyway, that’s why it means something to me – if not a life-changing amount, but something. I went from loyal child-reader, to not reading, to loyal subscriber and idiotic letter-writer, to not reading again, to writing for it and helping make the 200th issue. Which is nice.

Go buy it! Or something. I’m well good at advertising, me.

*Hahaha, twat.

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