Escape from YOUR MUM (also: Alcatraz)

I’ve changed the header image back to the original. While it was a picture I took myself of a rather beautiful vista, it made me sad every time I looked at it. So there.

Anyway, today has been spent in the surprisingly warm sunshine of San Francisco, wandering around aimlessly and laughing at how many varieties of sweets are on offer here. Coconut M&Ms: not bad at all. Though I do feel a bit sick after eating a quarter of a small bag, so read into that what you will.

Anyway (part II), we actually went to Alcatraz today, having a day to kill as we do/did. I don’t like touristy stuff, just because I don’t like being places where there are loads of people. But this was great, both because there weren’t that many people and because… umm… I don’t know. Something about The Rock being a great film.

What surprised me the most – beyond the fact I wasn’t aware that families lived on the island when it still had a functioning prison – was how nice it is there. I mean, obviously if I was incarcerated there, probably for murder, let’s be honest, it would be shit. But living there – you’re a matter of minutes away from the city by boat, but you get quiet and solitude and some utterly amazing views. And you can keep dickheads out by firing cannons at them. What I’m saying is: I want to live on Alcatraz Island.

Another thing: it’s telling that in all the facts and figures they throw at you through the tours and guides, not once did I see anything that pointed out how many prisoners had been killed by guards. It mentions that they would be shot at if they tried to escape, but it doesn’t say how many were shot, or how many were killed, or how many were beaten to death or something silly like that. No real point to follow on here, I just found it interesting.

Anyway, this was a shit waste of everyone’s time, blog-wise. I apologise for nothing. I am jetlagged.


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  1. Gem

    Go and get a bread bowl and chowder whilst you’re there! Also get your fotune done on the pier. I loved Alcatraz. Prison is fun.

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