Disloyal scumbag I am

I am a traitor. After something like 12 or 13 years of unerring loyalty, I have strayed. My attention lies elsewhere, my focus is… unfocused, and my ability to write three-bit lists like this is failing me quite badly. Which sucks.

I was a customer of Cellnet, then BT Cellnet, then BT Genie and – SOON ENOUGH – I was moved to O2. These were all the same company, with name changes and mergers ahoy. All the time I simply shut up and did my time, built up my years and hoped – prayed, as I often do* – that it would all pay off, somehow. Like, the company would give me TEN MILLION POUNDS for being a customer for more than a decade.

They didn’t, so when I got my new phone, which I got today, it was a bit of a startling revelation to see I had indeed switched networks. The dream was over. O2 had lost their one true love. ME. And they didn’t give me ten million dollars. Or pounds. Bastards.

Yeah, there’s no point to this and it could have been a lot funnier than it is.

*Bit** of a lie.



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One response to “Disloyal scumbag I am

  1. byronchenko

    T Mobile? Disgusting. I think I’ve been with 02/Cellnet/Genie for about ten years. Well, since my first mobile, when I was fourteen, I think. Christ.

    Obviously I follow the same ‘Loyaly/payoff’ logic. One day..

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