Miso-uch a good cook, innit

Breakthrough! After literally trying once, I have finally been able to overcome my inability to make some kind of soup (that I’d never try to make before). By simply dicking about with some boiling water, noodles, chilli, chicken, weird spinach and my last chunk of lettuce I have finally, after trying once, been able to make some delicious soup for the first time ever (after one attempt).

So, after trying once, I am able to put my thoughts, feelings and even a recipe into words for you all to ingest – and then hopefully some delicious soup for you to digest! AH AH AHAHASHSDHDRB.

Part 1: Take water. Put in kettle. Boil. Put boiled water in pan. Put noodles in water (which is in pan and is on heat (that’s as in “the heat”, not heat like a dog) and cook. Realise you probably should have waited to put the noodles in, as they cook well quick like. Remember to put chicken under grill for a bit. Have a wee. Sit down.

Part 2: Take mostly-cooked chicken and pour straight into water (with chicken juice). Question whether or not you’ll get chicken-AIDS. Get miso you just bought which cost £6.99 because you misheard the Korean woman when she warned you of this price and just said “yeah, that’s fine” like a goon. Put some in. Stir it. Taste. Realise it’s not enough. Put some more in. Stir it more. Taste again. Realise it needs a bit more. Put some more more in. Stir it again again. Taste it again again. Realise it just needs a bit of salt. Put a bit of salt in. Put in the green and red shit (that I forgot to mention you chop up earlier) and simmer for SOME MINUTES.

Step 3: Put in bowl, eat, surprise yourself at how nice it is and how hot it is. Stupid chilli.

This is the most important thing to happen in the world today. Never mind that Egypt nonsense. I’ve been there, it wasn’t* much cop.



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