I will admit to having some reservations about getting myself a smartphone. For one, they’re called ‘smartphones’, which is a dickish term if ever I’ve heard one**. Also, most people who own smartphones have iPhones, and I’ve had my say on that whole crowd before. Well, some of the crowd. Well, likely the minority of the crowd, but the most vocal. Also my phone did what I needed it to do, so why would I bother?

Anyway, as I’ve pointed out a few times before, my old phone came to the end of its 24-month contract, so I got a new one. A smart one. One the size of a small house. And I am a complete and total convert, just a week into ownership.

Yes, it has Angry Birds for free, but who (while at the same time as being me) actually gives a fuck? And yes, I can freely and openly download emulators for the GBA, SNES, Mega Drive and even PlayStation (and ROMs (games) too, which is weird as surely it’s massively illegal?), but why does that matter?

See, what actually got me – something I hadn’t really considered before – was that while standing outside the pub the other day definitely not smoking a cigarette I got a beep. “Oh! A message!” I thought, “what a glorious day this will be!” I checked, and it was a message – only it was AN EMAIL MESSAGE DIRECT FROM THE INTERNET. My mind: blown.

So yes, it means I have little excuse for not being reachable all the time by everyone, but for now at least the novelty is still fresh. Even if 99% of what I get is junk from casinos. And that’s your lot for today.

*All of you.

**Speaking of technology being smart: BAM. Though admittedly that’s a bit of a stupid comparison, as our brains don’t work like computers and vice versa. ANYWAY.



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2 responses to “A smartphone discovery NONE OF YOU* HAVE EVER DISCOVERED BEFORE

  1. Keith Andrew

    Email. From the internet. On your phone. Welcome to 2007! You’re going to love it. 🙂

    (You’ll squeal with delight when you set up Twitter push notifications.)

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