Fortunately I never put much stock in Valentine’s Day, so right now I can’t say it’s having any real effect on me. And I would hope things would stay that way the rest of my life, as I think it is a silly day.

Still, I would not begrudge someone their opportunity to spoil a partner in whatever way they see fit, from cheesy/uninspired gifts through genuinely heartwarming gestures and onto those little piss-take presents that try to say “I do this as I laugh in the face of this capitalist-invented faux-holiday made to sucker us all into spending more money than we really should be doing,” but what actually say “ahwuvsoo”.


Anyway, I spent most of today at work playing Dragon Age 2, which has romance in it, so I’ve had my fill for the day. Admittedly most of the romance came from visiting the brothel, as I couldn’t be bothered continuing down the path of chatting up my (male) elf accomplice.

Note to those who have no idea what I’m talking about: shut up.

It’s been demanded from high above that I am to start being ‘funny’ again, as apparently I’ve stopped being ‘funny’. So here we go: how many Jews does it take to… no, wait.. umm…

How many blacks… ah… no. Hmm.

What’s the difference between a lemon and a melon? The way you spell it.


(Fat) Ronaldo retired today, which saddened me slightly. I loved the World Cup where he broke the scoring record, as by that point he’d already been written off as fat and past it. So instead of being fat and past it he had a solid tournament and scored some great goals. Because true skill means you can be great and fat at the same time.

Meaning there’s still hope for me.

Disjointed entry has now ended.


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