I would like to address something vitally important to the well-being of the world as a whole; to every living being in the… world. My job involves me working as a staff writer on a videogame magazine. Technically I’m a games journalist, but it’s the least journalistic journalism I’ve ever done, so I don’t like that title.

Anyway, I’ve had to tell a fair few people what I do – shockingly I’m not embarrassed about this. But the most common response I’ve had is “oh, so you just play games all day”. Sometimes as a question, mainly as a statement. Not dismissive, not aggressive – I’ve never had a negative or belittling reaction to what I do, actually. But still, that statement. Let’s give the example of today to show it’s not all I do.

I spent four-and-a-half hours writing today, staring at Word and hoping that an interesting sentence would come out of my word-atrophied brain. Over four hours trying to be funny, informative and whatever else for the purpose of putting my words out there for the world to judge – and by crikey do they judge.

The rest of the day? The other three hours? Sitting in front of a computer, taking video after video of the game I was writing about. As much as it sounds like superfun to the max, it’s actually quite a dull experience. Then, of course, you have to root through these videos you make to try and get some nice-looking screens to put in the mag. When you get it done quickly and with some sexiness to the shots, it’s great. When it takes three hours and your brain melts a bit, it’s… yeah.

That was my day. Trying to make myself write, which I love doing, then taking screenshots of a game, which is a mild inconvenience. I mean, come on. It’s not like my job is any better than working in a call centre, is it? (Clue: it is, actually. This is all half-baked sarcasm)

I mean, granted, I spent all of Monday and Tuesday (apart from dinner time) playing games, but… hmm. I had a point, I think, but I may have just shot myself in the balls with that admission. Drat.


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2 responses to “ALL YOU DO IS PLAY GAMES

  1. Gem

    If you had ever worked in a call centre, you would SKIP into this job every day, believe me.

  2. Ash


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