“A delighted Gaddafi waving like a girl”

I’m following the situation in Libya and across the Middle East closely, both because it’s my duty as a fucking person and because a bit of revolution always gets my blood pumping. Obviously it’s a very serious – and in some ways grave – situation. Hundreds, possibly thousands, killed by those charged with protecting the populace. The displacement of many more thousands. Unrest, a lack of safety, people seeing their lives unravel in front of them.

It’s not a situation I happily sit around and take the piss out of. Naturally there’ll be jokes thrown around, as if you can’t joke about everything, you can’t joke about anything – AND ALL THAT SHIT. But generally speaking I’m just being a quiet observer here, taking it all in and trying to keep up to speed on things. While also trying to avoid seeing any of the truly horrible images or videos. As I’m not on fucking Rotten.com.

But there’s one thing about the whole situation that I just can’t take seriously. One element that always makes me laugh, and always makes me think of The Day Today. This rogue element is, of course, Muammar al- (“Colonel”) Gaddafi*. First of all, look at him:

Second of all, The Day Today (from 21:45, as it won’t let me do the thing where it plays from a set place):

I think it is fair that I laugh quite a lot at the situation as a result.

*In looking up how to spell that, I’ve found that he was 27 when he took control of Libya. I haven’t even taken control of my finances and I’m approaching 28.

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