Nothing to do with Nietzsche

I just turned on a game and heard two notes of a piano. I found an involuntary smile broke out, while the hairs on the back of my neck decided to stand themselves right up. I would say here ‘I’m often asked why I love games so much’, but I’m not – but let’s pretend I am. It’s games like Beyond Good and Evil that remind me why this hobby I have is a genuine passion that can make me legitimately happy.

There’s no denying the spectacle and bombast of things like Call Of Duty, and while I get some pleasure from it I ultimately don’t give two shits. There’s Halo, which I like but not enough to eulogise about. FIFA? Too annoying. Others? I can’t think right now. There’s a hell of a lot of good games out there – a hell of a lot of great games. But there’s only a handful that are done so well, so right that they actually have an effect on me. They actually stay with me. I remember them like any other cherished memory; recalling the time I spent engrossed in them and how enjoyable it was.

The good games you play, the great games you enjoy – but it’s only games like Beyond Good and Evil that change you in some way. It’s not even that good, from a strictly mechanical perspective, but does that matter? I think you know the answer. Your uncle is a bipedal pig. How was I ever going to do anything but adore it?

So if you ever do wonder why I like games as much as I do, remember: all it takes is the right two notes, and I’m yours.


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  1. Ricky Staines

    Spot on, Ian! 🙂
    Those two little notes stirred a greater amount of emotion in me than any other game released last year 🙂

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