The most official (and best) NCIS review ever

I’ve just watched seven minutes of NCIS, therefore I am qualified to review it in an official capacity. Here goes:

Apparently there’s some girl who’s kind of a goth or something, so she’s clearly in IT or is some other kind of tech expert. Anyway, she likes ‘candy’ bars, as far as I gathered. This probably means most of the cases she deals with are about Cyber Surf-Web Hackers from the Underground Systems breaking their way into the secret files of Hershey’s. Sounds fucking shit to me, just like their chocolate.

Then there’s some other people who were far less… loud. And they weren’t goths. So it doesn’t actually look like this is a crime scene investigation show that covers a super-cool band of alternative kids going around eating ‘candy’ bars and solving crime using Wiccan techniques or something. Missed a trick there.

Anyway, at some point the image changed quite bizarrely from a crime scene to what looked suspiciously like my bathroom. From there the show became a harrowing tale of someone bearing a striking resemblance to me brushing their teeth for a bit, while looking quite haggard. It’s the kind of shit that should win a BAFTA. Except seeing as I think it was still NCIS, it’s definitely not going to win one.

I might still be suffering some of the mild confusion I had yesterday. This is definitely not related to both entries being a little rushed.

Anyway – NCIS: 7/10.


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One response to “The most official (and best) NCIS review ever

  1. I like NCIS ever since I caught S1E11 and the ME lambasted a local police office for calling the body a vic.

    “It’s VICTIM! You’ve been watching too many TV shows!”

    Oh and Kuryakin is in it so it can’t be bad.

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