No, really – I have bothered to write a couple of hundred words on this

I dislike how stupid my brain can be (and I’m assuming many other brains too). I have to write a lot, regularly, but I still get a bit daunted by bigger pieces. Even if they’re only 1,000 words. And even if they’re actually piss easy to get done in a matter of minutes – I’ve done a 1,600 word piece in 45 minutes before, so it really shouldn’t faze me as much as it does.

Yet every time I get the same feeling. It’s annoying, as it’s never “YEAH I GET TO WRITE LOADS!” even though when I only have 500 words to work with I tend to get annoyed as it’s not enough. You are a stupid brain and I dislike you. BRAIN.

But then, just to compound the stupidity, I have been working on something of 2,900 words in length. I am not daunted by this in the slightest (though I am working at it slower than I hoped to). This is because it’s neatly compartmentalised into smaller chunks and as such my brain doesn’t see it as the wall of work it actually is.

In summation, I’ve probably only written this because it helps me avoid doing the work I’ve just said I’m not daunted by. Foolish boy I am. And apparently this was the most interesting thing I could think to write about today. I APOLOGISE FOR NOTHING.


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