We’ve nuked them!

I’m not going to go mental again today, as I’ve done it a couple of times about things in the news and it’s going to make my brain explode everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But I must say a couple of things if only to get them out of my head and so I feel better that the handful of morons who read this blog are enlightened in some way (P.S. you are morons because you read this drivel, not because you are stupid in any other way. Please don’t desert me I need you I NEED YOU).

So some bad shit has happened in Japan. I like to hugely understate grave situations. It has lead to instability in some nuclear reactors in a power plant (one power plant, seemingly all tabloid newspapers ever, not ALL THE POWER PLANTS). Obviously the standard human reaction has happened: hear ‘nuclear power’, start crying into your soup about it killing dolphins and irradiating geese, maintain it’s the worst thing the world has ever seen and demand all talk of it stops forever lest the mere mention of nuclear power irradiates your brain.

Now I’m a bit of a hippie. I like the environment quite a lot. I like nature, animals, people not being shit to the world. I’ve even converted over the last couple of years to… *shudder*… organic foodstuffs and (sometimes) ethical clothing. You would therefore assume I dislike nuclear power, as it clearly kills the world. If you’ve been paying attention, you would know I’m about to say you’re wrong.

I was about to do a rant here, but I just saw this image and it says what I want to say:

And the next person to bring up Chernobyl as an example of why we should be mortally terrified of the Japanese situation gets a spot on my hitlist. That was an old reactor even at the time of the accident, it was terribly badly built, had no safety measures to speak of, was running in a nation that had no money (or was at least running out) and so no ability or inclination to keep up maintenance on the facility, was horribly mis-managed and was generally An Accident Waiting To Happen. It was terrible what happened there, no doubt, and that kind of damage could never have been done by a coal or oil-powered plant. But these days that kind of damage can’t be done by a nuclear power plant. It just can’t. Aside from safety improvements (and the whole ‘technology getting better over the last 40-50 years or however long’ thing), they don’t make half the fucking reactor room out of flammable graphite, meaning even if those Japanese reactors did explode they would have nothing to burn on, and so no way for the radiation to be spread over a massive distance and oh I’ve gone cross-eyed with rage again.

Look, just watch this:

And read up here. And here. And if you can’t be bothered listening to things or reading things, kindly shut the fuck up about nuclear power being this massive bogeyman destroying the world.

The second thing that annoyed me was The Daily Mail, but if I go into that I probably will die right now. My eye is twitching.

N.B. A shiny penny for whoever gets the reference in the headline.



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2 responses to “We’ve nuked them!

  1. Dan

    Are most people opposed to nuclear power because of the risk of explosions? I thought it was more the waste it creates that will be deadly for literally billions of years? And that there’s no safe way of getting rid of it apart from burying it and hoping that that’ll do for the history of the human race?

    Saying that, I am still undecided. Obviously fossil fuels can’t work, and renewables won’t work for the forseeable future, so I don’t know.

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