Ahhhhhhhahahahahahaha dickhead

Sorry, I have work to do today and can’t think of anything good to post. Well, I can think of something good, but it’s days old from Reddit. Still, here you go (early note if you haven’t seen it before: skinny kid is a bully. Fat kid is not):

And here it is again Street Fighter’d up:

Seriously would love to have done that to some people at school. I think anyone who was on the receiving end of more stick than they realistically deserved would feel the same. Fuck the fact the little twat’s dropped on his head – that’s clearly what makes it so brilliant. One more time:



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2 responses to “Ahhhhhhhahahahahahaha dickhead

  1. Zangief actually got suspended for this, and the little shitty bully got off scott free. Ah, the insanity of the american school system.

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