One year down, one year’s worth of nothing done

I have now lived in this downstairs demi-flat for just about a year – 11 or so months. In that time I have got a new TV, an exercise bike, a dressing gown and lots of other things that would make me ashamed if I was put on the spot for being a materialistic twerp. I have also lost some things, like a USB cable, a roll of sticky tape and a girlfriend. It has been a full year, no doubt.

So as it’s been that long, why have I still not bothered to actually do anything with my stuff? My stereo/sound system is still sat higgledy piggledy on the mantelpiece, my printer still isn’t in any kind of useable shape, I still haven’t bothered getting my CDs out to computerise them, my DVDs aren’t alphabetised (yeah, not even joking about that one) and I’ve still not taken my massive tin of change to the bank. There’s probably some other first world problems I haven’t sorted out too, but I think I’m too overcome with grief to remember them right now.

Am I the only one this shit? Can someone else please make me feel a bit better with tales of how they bought a bookcase and didn’t put it together for 14 years, then died? That would make me feel like less of a tool.

I really need to set my stereo up. Even if I don’t use it – just so it’s there.



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3 responses to “One year down, one year’s worth of nothing done

  1. Alison Connolly

    You’re not the only one – 6 months in the flat and still got stuff in boxes cos I can’t be arsed to unpack them……….

  2. I lived like that for about 8 years, with half-unpacked cases of records and books everywhere. I decided that when we moved into this flat, it would be different, and so I actually unpacked. And I feel much better for it, insert old wives’ tale about a tidy house making for a tidy mind. So, you should make a to do list and cross one thing off it every week. You’ll feel better for it and at the end of the list you may almost be a Real Person. Almost.

  3. Ash

    It took me 11 months to paint the radiator in the dining room.

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