Do the stonk, to the rhythm of the honky tonk, stick a red nose on your conk, and leeet’s stonk

I’m not even watching the festivities (mixed with tragedy), and I can’t even be bothered checking if it’s actually on this evening. Still, everyone’s tweeting about Red Nose Day right now so I’m willing to bet it’s probably on. Or nearly on. Or something like that. I like Red Nose Day. Always have. How could you not?

I mean sure, they ruin the constant, hours of comedy by showing those camera-hogging bastards from various African nations starving to death through no fault of their own – but you’ve got to let them have something, right? At least you get to see some great comedians dicking about for ages through the night.

Also Lenny Henry.

Does anybody born and raised in this country genuinely dislike Lenny Henry? I love the man. I think he’s an awful comedian and actor, his voice annoys me and his Premier Inn adverts make me never want to stay there ever (though I have to because I’m poor). But dislike him? Good golly gosh no. I remember a Foreign I once knew had no idea who he was, and I found it very difficult to explain to her why I had such fondness for the man even though I clearly didn’t rate him in any way, shape or form.

Anyway, Red Nose Day once had Adam & Joe doing a stand up comedy masterclass, which was brilliant. Oh, and Vic & Bob doing a magic show which involved making a sausage levitate out of a handbag. The rest of the stuff is usually utter shit, but late at night/early in the morning they tend to bring out the actual good comedians. Just a hint there.

I think I’m going to write about Vic & Bob tomorrow. If you don’t like them, we’re going to have to terminate our friendship/acquaintanceness/being-related or whatever.

Anyway: The Stonk:

Fuck off, I was eight. I’m allowed to like it.


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