Eating (this stuff) is cheating (as is putting in half-arsed efforts)

Cheating is an interesting concept. Not the kind where your significant other decides to be a complete dickhead/coward/evil twat. No, that’s not interesting. That’s just bad. Nor is cheating in MY FAVOURITE THING EVER (videogames, of course) that good, because all you’re doing is ruining it for yourself. Unless it’s big head mode or something, in which case go wild.

It’s the little cheats – the times when you feel like you’re letting yourself down by doing them, but you see no other way of getting around it. I’ve done two.. three.. four in the last seven days – all related to The Most Boring Subject In The World, my losing weight thing. I have twice done a far shorter workout on EA Active than I was supposed to, first because I had just got back from playing football and second because I had been in a meeting all night (tonight).

The second cheaty thing is far less forgivable, as it involves personal choice. Being hungover, tired and drunk as I was on Sunday night, I couldn’t be bothered cooking and I had the drunchies. Hence, I got fried chicken. Not exactly what you’d call health food. Unless you were a complete moron or WANTED TO DIE. Then today, again at the meeting, I didn’t say “no, I will opt out” or “I have brought my own, good food”. No, of course I immediately pounced on the opportunity to scream “CHICKEN KEBAB!” as fast and as loud as I could.

So, actually, this isn’t the little cheats you allow yourself. This is being a willpowerless twerp who falls off the wagon as soon as he gets the smallest excuse. Ah well, back on the health juice from tomorrow. By that I mean heroin, naturally.

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